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Teamsession im Skatepark Gmunden Sommer 2011 mit Ali Berger, Marco Kada und Alex Höchtl


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saeed, 15/05/2012:
I have been married for the past 14 years, I have had two careaeisn and have two girls, I married at the age of 17 and at the age of 20 I was sterilized (tubal ligation</a>), I always regret for doing a tubal ligation, last year I had appendix operation, I would like to have the tubal ligation reversed, Please advise if it can be done.
Eii, 15/05/2012:
Dora Here's where you can see your chances of gtntieg pregnant after tubal reversal</a> look at table 5 in the age category 30-34 for women with rings. The follow-up statistics on our patients at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center show a pregnancy rate of 76%. This is much higher than the IVF pregnancy rate of about 30% and it costs less to have a tubal reversal than to undergo a single IVF cycle</a>. Once your tubes are repaired, that gives you the chance to get pregnant every month.
Kelly, 15/05/2012:
Hi. I just had my tubal ligation 3 mothns ago already I regret it</a>. I regreted it right away. I never did research on it and I felt pressure by my husband to do it.After my c section it was done I swelled up so bad and below my incision was purple. Since then my periods have been so heavy I soak a pad every 20 min I have severe pain on my sides. I have been to the ob/gyn they gave me an ultrasound no cysts. My question is then why the pain why the heavy bleeding. They did blood work on me and my hormone levels are fine. However they suggested the pill. Or the other option is to get a hysterectomy or uterine ablasion I think its a bit extreme being I am only 34. My question is are all these problems related to having a tubal. I also suffer from extreme hot flashes and then cold. Please help i would really appreciate some solid answers Thank you
Nhenkk, 30/07/2012:
I just turned 37 years old. I had my tubes tied</a> at the age of 24 after ginvig birth to my 3rd child. I had these 3 children with my ex husband who was a nightmare of a husband, that I had for years tried to escape. Well I made my escape 8 years ago, and every single day count my blessings for the healthy children I do have now ages 13, 16, and 17. I had my tubes tied out of fear of continuing to have children with a man I knew I would one day not be with. My dilemma now stands as this. I had given up on love and sure enough met the most amazing man and we plan to marry. He is wonderful to my children, and has 1 of his own. The thing is he really wants another child or two, we both feel it would be wonderful to have kids with someone we are truly in love with. I am a healthy woman. What are the odds of a tubal reversal working</a> for me? Thank you for your time.

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